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Energy efficient building envelope

The Importance of the Building Envelope

What is the building envelope? A building envelope is the boundary between the interior and the exterior of a building. It is one of the most important components in building design due to its role in the maintenance and protection of a structure. The envelope includes many components of a building: roof, walls, floors, windows […]

commercial green roof installation

Commercial Green Roofs and Sustainability

Why opt for a commercial green roof? Green roofs provide a range of environmental, functional and cost advantages that are increasingly desired for commercial buildings. An important aspect of green infrastructure, commercial green roofs help to lower carbon-emissions, improve air quality and reduce energy consumption, among many other benefits of a green roof installation. Green […]

A reef underwater

Commercial Roofing – The Environmental Factors

Commercial Roofing and Sustainability Commercial roofing requires amazing service levels, much like many other businesses. The sustainability of any business and their processes also needs to be considered however. There are many different considerations for the modern business. Environmental implications can and will negatively impact those around the world if processes are not put into […]

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Sage Roofing’s Environmental Commitments

  Sage Roofing has recently achieved accreditation for ISO 14001 Environmental Management. We feel this is an important step in our company’s development, as it not only indicates our environmental commitments but also our sustainable solutions in the long-term. For us, this is saying that we are not just looking for a quick fix, but […]

Building Sustainability in our Economy

As I trudge on in my crusade of sharing environmental enlightenment; I feel that the next step is the consideration of sustainability. This is fundamentally the keystone of a business’ environmental system, as it identifies the future prospective of the company’s development and ideology for continual ecological improvement. The sustainability plan is inextricably linked to […]

Your Guide to Becoming an Environmental Superhero

Want to Save the Planet? Start from the Top There is increasing pressure upon businesses of all different sizes to implement improved environmental measures to reduce their carbon footprint. As an overall proposal, this can be quite daunting as it indicates there is a requirement for changes to be made to all aspects of the […]

PV Solar Panel Roof

What are the Main Benefits of Solar Panels?

It is becoming increasingly more important to reduce carbon emissions and do what we can to help the environment. One of the biggest ways we can do this is to take advantage of renewable energy sources and in the age of technology we live in, solar panels can be a great option. Solar panels convert […]

Photovoltaic panels

3 Important Facts About Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic panels, or PV panels, are solar panels that directly convert sunlight into useable electricity. The “photo” part of the word refers to light, while “voltaic” refers to electricity. The PV panel, most often installed on top of homes or businesses, is made up of several smaller photovoltaic cells that each contribute to the overall […]