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What is Single Ply Roofing?

Single ply roofing systems comprise of flexible sheets of synthetic materials that are manufactured to strict requirements to ensure high quality. A PVC or TPO membrane, they can be mechanically fixed, bonded or ballasted and provide lasting durability and strength.

Single Ply membrane remains one of the most popular and reliable flat roofing solutions for construction and refurbishment projects across the UK. Here at Sage BEC, we use two of the leading Sika brands, Sarnafil and Trocal.

Sarnafil and Trocal are cost effective quality products that can be laid quickly in almost all applications. It is recommended that single ply is laid to falls – the BBA recommendation is to aim at 1.5° fall to get 0.75° with building tolerances – however this can be expensive and cause height problems. Sarnafil and Trocal single ply have exactly the same guarantee whether laid to a fall or flat and our Sage warranty is also unaffected.

Mechanically fixed Sarnafil is not weather dependant and so it can be fixed all year round without the need for a naked flame during installation. Adhered systems however can only be laid in 5°C and surfaces need to be dry. Both systems will bond to concrete, screed and ply, and are available fleece backed for enhanced aesthetics. Subject to stock and minimum quality,  Sarnafil and Trocal are available in a range of colours. Excellent air seal can be achieved with this method and it offers a number of VCL/ air seal options.

Sika monitor their approved contractor network and remove under performers. Each system requires residential course training for staff and installers, and Sika write a technical specification for every project. Their field engineers check every installation for quality and inspect the final construction prior to sign off and approval of warranty, so you are guaranteed an excellent service when you choose an approved commercial roofing contractor like Sage.

What are the benefits for commercial buildings?

      • Flame free installation and fire retardant
      • Thermal efficient, reducing a building’s carbon footprint
      • 30 to 40 years life expectancy
      • Fast installation
      • Cost effective quality product
      • Easy maintenance and repair
      • Lightweight and durable
      • Resistant to chemicals
      • Recyclable materials
      • UV resistant

Cold Applied Liquid Plastic Systems
A cold liquid applied solution can be installed on various materials including concrete, felt and metal; thereby eliminating the need to remove the existing roof. This seamless technology has grown in popularity as a commercial roofing solution as they are very fast curing and long lasting.


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