We’re dedicated to ensuring our roofing projects run perfectly in the time it was planned – we do this through expert design.

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Design Services

Through our valuable experience in the field of roofing and cladding we are well aware how important attention to detail is to the planning, management and long term success of any project. We have specialist CAD draughtsmen who work closely with other designers and draughtsmen from the initial stages to design out any potential problems or difficulties that may occur in construction.

Our works are fully compliant to regulations, and if any further specific requirements are needed for the project then we will ensure that these expectations are met. We are also fully BIM level 2 ready and are able to implement BIM at the requirement of the project.

Our designers are:-

  • Fully compliant to regulation compliance, building standards and the client’s requirements
  • Fully trained in the latest AutoCAD software for drawing, reading and managing drawings and models
  • Specifically experienced and knowledgeable about roofing & cladding systems, products and manufacturers requirements for the design and implementation of each system
  • Involved straight away upon receipt of the contract to ensure that any issues can be designed out as early as possible.

Early Involvement in Projects

It is our preference to get involved in the design process as early as possible so that we can:-

  • Offer our expertise and experience in the roofing and cladding field to provide the best solution to difficult details and specific project requirements
  • Manage our site programme effectively whilst ensuring that it fits in with the overall construction programme
  • Flag up any potential problems before they affect ordering materials and the site construction programme
  • Arrange any bulk or unusual deliveries to site in a timely manner
  • Communicate with other sub-contractors to ensure improved co-ordinated working strategies.

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