At Sage BEC, we are experienced installers of rainscreen cladding systems otherwise known as external wall cladding, for commercial building envelopes across the UK. Our cladding contractors are fully committed to delivering a professional and cost-effective service to the commercial, educational and industrial sectors. We offer a vast range of cladding materials of the highest quality to ensure that all projects are completed to the highest standard from both a functional and aesthetical point of view. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you manage water infiltration, UV radiation, wind pressure and heat transfer with our rainscreen cladding systems.

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Rainscreen Cladding Installers

Whether you’re looking to insulate your new build or refurbish an existing building to enhance its appearance and thermal performance, at Sage BEC, we can help. We are a reputable cladding company based in the West Midlands with an excellent reputation for delivering projects tof the highest calibre and to our client’s exact specifications.

With over 21 years of experience, our cladding contractors can both adapt to your construction plans and work around your design and installation requirements or act as your main contractor. If you opt for the full rainscreen cladding package our specialist CAD draughtsman will work with you through the design process and our cladding installers will action it with your choice of materials. 

Take a look at our product range and book an initial consultation with our expert team to discuss your project and enquire about our services. Call us today on 024 7746 3063.

Rainscreen cladding is an efficient construction method for providing weather protection to a building. It is an increasingly popular choice for new build and refurbishment projects across all industry sectors in the UK. Professionally installed external wall cladding is designed to manage water infiltration, UV radiation, wind pressure and heat transfer.
A rainscreen cladding construction uses a weather-resistant skin, a ventilation cavity and an inner layer to create a seal against moisture and provide thermal insulation. The outer skin is the main barrier against wind and rain, and is typically made from strong materials such as aluminium, high pressure laminate or polished stone. The inner layer of the rainscreen system acts as a final barrier against any moisture that bypasses the exterior cladding. The air ventilation helps to dry out any water that gets through and ventilates moisture in the air. The ventilation and insulation work together to promote airflow and provide heat insulation by restricting the flow of energy in and out of the building.

What are the benefits of External Wall Cladding?

Commercial wall cladding can enhance the appearance of a commercial building and offer an appealing modern finish. We have a versatile range of materials including terracotta tiles, stone tiles, marble, brick, PPC aluminium, high pressure laminate (HPL) and aluminium composite material (ACM).

The lifespan of a building can be extended with external cladding as it can effectively protect a building’s exterior from harmful elements that can cause corrosion or deterioration. This can therefore reduce the need for repair costs later down the line.
The installation process is quick and simple, and the cladding panels can be removed and replaced individually, reducing the construction time and costs.

A rainscreen facade can help reduce energy costs by providing thermal insulation. This is favoured as a low cost method for large industrial buildings to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through a wall.

The thermal insulation provided by rainscreen cladding systems help to lower the carbon footprint of a building, whilst the construction can take advantage of recycled materials such as Aluminium or natural materials like Terracotta and stone.

The exterior materials add an additional layer which can help to soundproof a building and reduce the noise from outside. This is particularly useful for buildings in a city location or situated near main roads.

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