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Single ply roofing system

An Introduction To Single Ply Roofing Systems

Single ply roofing is a type of flat roof covering that has been used in many applications since the 1960s. The installation of this commercial roofing system has several advantages, from minimal maintenance to guaranteed durability. This makes single ply roofs the perfect choice for commercial and domestic properties alike.  What Do We Mean By […]

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Sage workers

Kalzip Standing Seam Metal Roofing At Sage BEC

Kalzip is a world-leading supplier of aluminium building envelopes. Based in Germany, they are known for their high-quality building systems and specialise in the delivery of various facade and roofing solutions to clients all over the world. In the following blog, we’ll discuss one of these options in more depth – Kalzip’s standing seam metal […]

September 18 2020 0Comment
rainscreen cladding specialist

All You Need to Know About Rainscreen Cladding

What is Rainscreen Cladding? Before we delve into specifics we would like to first outline the function of cladding. Simply put, ‘Cladding’ is the application of one material over another to provide an additional layer. In construction, cladding is employed to provide thermal insulation, strengthen weather resistance and improve the appearance of buildings. On the […]

July 30 2020 0Comment
Exterior view of commercial building flat roofs

The Benefits of Flat Roofing

As experienced flat roofing contractors for commercial buildings, we can say with certainty that the biggest advantage of a flat roof is the cost. The reason why flat roofs can prove to be less expensive than other solutions is because they allow a quicker installation, easy maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan. This […]

July 14 2020 0Comment
Industrial Warehouse

Commonly Used Warehouse Roofing Materials

Regardless of whether your warehouse is simply for goods storage or used as a more active work environment, maintaining the integrity of the roof is essential. This is both to ensure the safe storage of your goods and the health and safety of workers. Whether you are constructing a completely new roof or refurbishing an […]

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Energy efficient building envelope

The Importance of the Building Envelope

What is the building envelope? A building envelope is the boundary between the interior and the exterior of a building. It is one of the most important components in building design due to its role in the maintenance and protection of a structure. The envelope includes many components of a building: roof, walls, floors, windows […]

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Sage Building Envelope Contractors Ltd

Sage Roofing Has A New Name!

As of May 2018, Sage Roofing is now known as Sage Building Envelope Contractors. If you’ve landed here looking for professional and experienced roofing specialists, don’t worry you’re still in the right place! Sage are still the go-to specialists for commercial roofing, cladding and building envelope works in the West Midlands and across the UK. […]