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Workers replacing an asbestos roof

Asbestos in Your Roof – What are the Risks?

Asbestos is widely regarded as a silent killer which can go often unnoticed, and the idea of its presence in the building surrounding you is enough to create feelings of uneasiness and concern. If you are the building owner then there is an additional responsibility involved as you could be held culpable for the effects […]

Close up of an asbestos roof

Asbestos in Your Roof – What to look out for (Risks Part 2)

The image illustrates the asbestos cement sheet against the new replacement galvanised steel sheets. As experienced roofing contractors, we can design a site programme to suit your working schedule and find an effective way to manage the works with minimal disruption. Contact Sage BEC today (formerly Sage Roofing). Welcome to the second part of our asbestos related […]