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commercial green roof installation

Commercial Green Roofs and Sustainability

Why opt for a commercial green roof? Green roofs provide a range of environmental, functional and cost advantages that are increasingly desired for commercial buildings. An important aspect of green infrastructure, commercial green roofs help to lower carbon-emissions, improve air quality and reduce energy consumption, among many other benefits of a green roof installation. Green […]

Exterior view of commercial building flat roofs

The Benefits of Flat Roofing

As experienced flat roofing contractors, we have first-hand experience to the advantages of flat roofing for commercial buildings. Maintenance As flat roofs only have a slight pitch, it is much easier to access the roof of a commercial building with a flat roofing system installed. This ease of accessibility means that they are easy to […]

Single ply installed on a commercial roof

Single Ply Roofing – the Most Popular System

The appearance of your business can be shaped through your building so the roof of your commercial property is incredibly important consideration. Costs to repair and renovate can be extensive if they need to occur regularly through your buildings lifetime, or you find out your installed roofing was not to your specific requirements. This is where […]

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Commercial Hot Melt Roofing – Sage Roofing

Why opt for hot melt commercial roofing? The benefits of implementing hot melt roofing onto your commercial property are numerous. The roof is protected from UV degradation, temperature damage and reduces the stress on membranes. Hot melt roofing can be completely flat if necessary, letting you achieve the visual appeal you want for your commercial […]