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Kalzip Standing Seam Metal Roofing At Sage BEC

Kalzip is a world-leading supplier of aluminium building envelopes. Based in Germany, they are known for their high-quality building systems and specialise in the delivery of various facade and roofing solutions to clients all over the world. In the following blog, we’ll discuss one of these options in more depth – Kalzip’s standing seam metal roofing system – and how it could benefit you. 

What are standing seam metal roofs? 

A standing seam roof is a style of roof with a concealed metal panel system that runs vertically across the length of the roof. Also used for metal walls, aluminium standing seam systems have panels that connect via seams, and can create a solid waterproof covering that moves under thermal expansion. 

Kalzip’s standing seam metal roofs add essential weather protection to various types of buildings. They are also aesthetically appealing and will provide a clean, modern look when installed on any project. 

Sage are Kalzip approved contractors 

As Kalzip is recognised for its exceptional standards of manufacturing and performance, it only operates through a network of specialist installers known as Teamkal. Sage BEC is a proud member of this installer network and uses Kalzip’s standing seam metal roof solutions in various large-scale commercial roofing projects. 

Standing seam roof benefits 

While standard standing seam roof systems have several advantages, Kalzip’s aluminium standing seam facades are a cut above the rest. Made from premium-quality aluminium, they are highly durable, corrosion-resistant and extremely pleasing to the eye. As it’s designed to withstand the elements, Kalzip standing seam metal roofing is also much more cost effective than traditional roofing solutions, as well as being virtually maintenance-free. 

In terms of appearance, Kalzip offers standing seam roof panels in a wide range of colours and finishes based on permanent aluminium. Each panel option is easy to install with the help of Kalzip clips, and additional insulation is included according to the required thermal performance. 

Kalzip roofing contractors in the Midlands 

As an approved Teamkal member, we install hard-wearing, attractive Kalzip standing seam metal roofs for clients throughout the West Midlands. Contact us today to find out how your project could benefit from standing seam roof installation.