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Damage on a commercial roof

4 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

A leak is a nightmare for all those involved – amassing massive costs and possibly halting work. Here at Sage BEC (formerly Sage Roofing) we’ve seen just about every cause imaginable – and we know how to fix it, down to the last drop. It’s usually simple to identify the leak, it is much harder […]

Take care of your industrial roof

Take Care of Your Industrial Roof

Industrial Roofing Roofing is a valuable, often overlooked part of your business. Those who consider theirs often save themselves from heaps of negative consequences. There are many naturally occurring causes that can seriously cause damage to your Industrial Roof, especially over time. Can you imagine not having a roof in the UK’s unpredictable weather? It’d […]

damaged roof repair

Roofing problems and how to stop them happening

When roofing is neglected, it is all too easy for roofing problems to occur. Most roofing environments aren’t given much attention until something has gone wrong, which can frequently lead to problems that are extremely troublesome to fix. When roofs aren’t maintained, costs can quickly rise, so its important to consider the following points whether your building is new, […]