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A reef underwater

Commercial Roofing – The Environmental Factors

Commercial Roofing and Sustainability

Commercial roofing requires amazing service levels, much like many other businesses. The sustainability of any business and their processes also needs to be considered however. There are many different considerations for the modern business. Environmental implications can and will negatively impact those around the world if processes are not put into place that effectively contribute to positive change over time.

There’s a variety of different aspects that need to be considered. Where possible, renewable energy needs to be encouraged and implemented. Areas around the world and ways to support them also need to be thought about. One way to do this, implemented by Sage is to consider the damage done to coral reefs year on year. They act as a defensive wall against rough waves and dangerous weather and feature a range of exotic life. Fishing, drilling, mining and tourist activity can cause substantial damage. Investing in restoration projects is essential to preserving these and we are proud to be encouraging growth in that sector.

The future must always be considered, and the environment is of the highest importance. This must always be incorporated into all businesses ideologies. Here at Sage we are no different. There are many different aspects we have considered and implemented into our methods and plans around our commercial roofing endeavours. Energy needs to be renewable and has to be used efficiently. We install solar panels on our own buildings, and encourage their use on all different kinds of commercial roofing installations. They both save energy, money and we also feed energy back onto the grid for general consumption.

We have a duty as a result to give back to society and the environment. We always aim to include positive practices and also encourage them in any commercial roofing project. For example, we’re also ISO 14001 certified which means that we are audited and checked routinely to ensure we are responsible in regards to the environment. We’re always striving to encourage and adopt environmentally beneficial practices and will do so going forward in all our commercial roofing endeavours.

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