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commercial green roof installation

Commercial Green Roofs and Sustainability

Why opt for a commercial green roof?

Green roofs provide a range of environmental, functional and cost advantages that are increasingly desired for commercial buildings. An important aspect of green infrastructure, commercial green roofs help to lower carbon-emissions, improve air quality and reduce energy consumption, among many other benefits of a green roof installation. Green roofs are also favoured for the aesthetic value they add to buildings that traditional roofing systems cannot offer, and so they are becoming increasingly prominent in architecture and landscaping.

How much do green roofs cost?

A commercial green roof installation will, at least initially, cost more than a traditional roofing system and will be dependent on a number of factors. Large business premises will require a professional design before installation and the type of living roof desired will determine the quantity of plants required and on-going maintenance. Accessibility will also contribute to the final construction costs as the larger size and height of a commercial building will require additional time and management.

However, green roofs are favoured as a great investment thanks to the long term value they provide for a commercial building. The layers of an eco roof provide protection to waterproofing membranes from UV light and harsh temperature changes that can damage the roof over time. As a result, a professionally installed green roof system can increase a roof’s lifespan by up to 3 times. Furthermore, a commercial business can benefit from reduced energy bills during the lifetime of the building as the natural qualities of the installation provide temperature control and insulation.

carbon footprint representationThings to consider

Green roofs can be installed on warm or cold roofs and in either a flat or pitched configuration, however, it’s important that a team of professionals analyse the structure of the roof and ensure it can withstand the load of a green roof installation. Green roofs are heavier than traditional roofs and as such, they may require more structural support to be installed successfully.

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