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An example of a roofing contractors finished project

How Do I Choose a Roofing Contractor?

Why it’s important

We all are aware of the horror stories involved with many different commercial roofing contractors in smaller, domestic settings. In big jobs, such as commercial, warehouse or industrial roofing the consequences can be disastrous. The financial and time implications can quickly turn a project into a nightmare. The roofing of your business is incredibly important, constant maintenance requirements are costly and time consuming. A beautiful building attracts attention to your corporation and helps your brand.


It’s incredibly important to verify the commercial roofing contractor’s official guarantees. These cover the materials used and are usually supplied with warranties and other maintenance requirements. Guarantees ensure a fairer and more consistent result from the materials used, and are very important to take into account.


These give you confidence in your contractor. As an example, Sage have a range of different accreditations from different services. These ensure whoever is chosen has been rigorously audited by an official, objective body. These can range from general accreditations related to sustainable business methods, to directly related ones. An example is the Achilles Building Confidence construction scheme. These ensure your chosen commercial roofing contractor is sufficiently practiced in order to skillfully work on your roof.


Your commercial roofing contractor should be proud of what has been done by them before. Testimonials are important to get an account of what their previous customers think. This gives you a valuable idea of their strengths. There should also be a variety of images of completed work on their website. If there isn’t, you should definitely request some of these materials. You should see what clients have been serviced by the contractor previously. For example the Peugeot Citroen industrial roofing project done by ourselves.

The nature of the work

All of this depends somewhat on the type of work being carried out. On really large scale projects such as industrial roofing it’s essential to be completely confident in the abilities of your commercial roofing contractor. The size and scale can make a badly done job even worse, or a successfully and skilfully completed job more impactful.

Taking it all into account, choosing your commercial roofing contractor

It’s essential to really weigh up all of their experience, knowledge and various experiences. If their products and work is high quality they will want to offer guarantees and testimonials of their previous works. Here at Sage BEC, we’re proud to meet all of these factors and we can also guarantee the quality of the many sub-contractors that we use. Whether you need commercial, warehouse or industrial roofing, these factors really need to be considered.